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Let our team of experts handle making updates to your WordPress powered website. We stay up to date with industry news so you don’t have to. Our monthly WP Site Care plans include website updates to WP core, plugins, and themes.

If you need additional WordPress development services beyond what’s included in our WP Care Plans, our website design and development services may be the perfect solution. Get priority, save money, and always have our team on call!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to onboard a care plan?

We would need access to the wp-admin dashboard and your hosting provider. We have a series of onboarding questions and provide an initial website audit after being provided access to the website.

Does our monthly retainer hours roll over?

Yes, monthly retainer hours do roll over for one month. If you do not use your allocated hours for one month, or during the following month, the hours are lost. If you don’t use any hours during the month, the following month your would have double the amount of hours for your website care plan.

What hosting provider does DC Dev Shop use?

DC Dev Shop partners with Pantheon to host WordPress powered websites. They are great partners, providing a separation of concerns for your media files, code, and database.

Can we continue to use our current hosting provider?

Yes, in addition to Pantheon, DC Dev Shop also partners with SiteGround, WPEngine, Bluehost, Flywheel, Kinsta and more. We are happy to work with your current hosting provider.

Do maintenance and updates eat away at the monthly retainer?

No. We handle this independently, as needed, and do not chip away at your monthly dedicated care plan retainer hours.

How will you help me with my website?

We offer traffic analytics, daily backups, traffic analytics and uptime monitoring. Essentially, we make sure your site stays at optimal functionality. Should any issues arise, we’ll see to it that they are corrected.

What if my website goes down?

We monitor your site for any moments of downtime. Should your site go down, we’ll have a backup ready and a report on why the crash occurred, what was done to make it live again and suggestions to keep it from happening again.

What if my website is already down?

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