The top 5 Reasons to use WordPress

by Aug 17, 2017Development

MashableWordPress is the biggest CMS (Content Management System) on the Internet. However, you may wonder why it is so widely used in Washington DC and throughout the world generally. Perhaps you are worried about whether it has any drawbacks that you are unaware of. To help put your fears to rest, here are five reasons why WordPress stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Produces all Types of Websites

WordPress is far more than a platform to publish blog posts. The broad variety of plugins and outstanding theme development boosts its functionality immensely. It has many options and gives you the ability to set up any sort of website. For example, you could create a technology blog like TechCrunch or Mashable, an eCommerce site like Alibaba or eBay, an appointment/service booking site, a video site like Daily Motion or YouTube, a directory site like Yelp or YellowPages, a photo site like Flickr, a membership site like Udemy, a classified ad site like Craigslist, a reference site like Wikipedia, or a question and answer site like Quora. Whew. That’s a lot of options!

Open Source and Free to use

WordPress software is open source, which means its source code is publicly accessible. The software is downloadable from the company’s website, and you can use, redistribute, and edit it for free. Better still, the majority of hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installations as a standard feature.

User-Friendly and Intuitive

One reason why WordPress has become so widespread is that it is simple to use. You can install it quickly, and there are built-in features for publishing blogs, managing comments, setting up RSS feeds, and lots more. After installation, you can create web pages and make customized configurations with no coding.

Improves Search Engine Optimization

WordPress handles every SEO (Search Engine Optimization) task that a CMS is meant to handle. There are numerous plugins on offer that can enhance the search engine rankings of your WordPress site. Moreover, these types of sites are favored by Google because:

  • They load quickly
  • They have a good standard of coding
  • They offer smooth navigation and XML sitemaps
  • WordPress sites are easy to integrate with social media
  • Image optimization is easy.

WordPress works well on several browsers, systems and devices, and the new WordPress themes being developed are completely responsive.

Good Options for Customization

WordPress themes can have customized features, designs and colors, even if you are not a web developer. It is a simple matter to adjust your site without doing any coding, although if you can code the themes can be customized in this way if you prefer. For non-coders, the customization settings are displayed in a WP dashboard control panel. The dashboard is a fairly straightforward, easy to use interface that allows you to change most parts of your site with ease. If you are unfamiliar with CMS, this might appear somewhat daunting though. Happily, once you have spent some time looking at the style.css file and child theme, customization will become second nature to you.

All in all, WordPress is good CMS to use, whatever type of website you want to set up. Therefore, it comes strongly recommended.

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