The Top 5 Digital Marketing Certifications Recent Marketing Grads Should Have

by Mar 26, 2018Marketing

In today’s job market, digital marketing is a field that is a key necessity for many companies and organizations.  Simultaneously, there’s an abundance of new grads with marketing degrees entering the work force.  This is a field, however, that is constantly changing.  Competition is high and only proven credentials can boost one’s resume over another.  This is where digital marketing certifications come in handy.  In the dynamic sphere of inbound marketing, old marketing techniques stop working and new techniques are constantly on the rise.  Digital marketing certifications break away this barrier to help marketing professionals learn how to keep up with the newest marketing techniques and teach them to apply it to a business.

Not only do these certifications teach users how to use different marketing interfaces, but they teach them how to think like a marketer and apply the skills in a process that is hands-on.  With the variety of different certifications available, marketing professionals can attain different certifications to keep them at the top of their game. This firsthand process has grown into a resume-boosting success.  Potential employees who have earned valuable certifications attain experience in the different certifications and show that they have a better understanding of the field.

Now the question that remains is: which certifications are the most valuable for your time?


1. Google Adwords

Google Adwords holds a significant impact in the world of digital advertising.  With strategic planning and tactical procedure, an Adwords campaign can be highly effective in creating leads for a business.  With the weight that this marketing strategy holds, an Adwords certification will definitely boost your resume to an employer.  Aside from the base knowledge that the Adwords certification equips its students with, the program also sets a foundation for learning about marketing infrastructure in general.  Marketers with this certification tend to be prominently better at systematic thinking.  In order to complete the certification, you must pass two exams and learn about the fundamentals and other aspects of the interface.  The certification is valid for one year and well worth your time as an up-and-coming marketer.

2. Hubspot Inbound

Hubspot has recently taken the lead as a marketing tool used for growing businesses and organizations of all sizes.  The development uses analytics and a user-friendly system to simplify data and marketing campaigns for its users.  From the detailed reports to the elaborate campaigns that can be planned out, Hubspot has cornered the market for growing businesses.  As a result of the successful name they have made for themselves, a Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification looks great on a resume.  It exemplifies to employers that you know how to attract and convert a lead. With all of the marketing knowledge that Hubspot Academy has adapted for its courses, this 7-hour certification is guaranteed to teach you everything you need to master the art of inbound marketing.


3. Hootsuite Social Marketing

As previously mentioned, a content-first approach has become a major strategy for success in digital marketing.  Social media plays a huge part in the role of content creation.  From promoting original content by linking to your website to directly sharing content on a platform, social media is where businesses are beginning to gain “free” leads and really boost their brand image.  To maximize the effects that social media can have, it’s important to use tools of analysis, strategy, scheduling, and interaction.  Hootsuite has become a prominent platform for this sector, allowing its users to view social media from a marketing perspective. This certification has become invaluable for social media marketing.


4. Facebook Blueprint

Inbound marketing tends to be a slow process for a growing business.  One way to make the operation play out much faster is through Facebook ads.  Facebook Blueprint makes it possible to learn your target audience and assert your brand in their news feed.  This will gain a lot of follows, leading to a chain of even more follows and even stronger leads.  The use of Facebook ads is incredibly effective.  With this certification, you will be displaying your knowledge in an area that has potential to gain a lot of leads very quickly.  It hones in on how to gain attention through effectively running a business’s Facebook pages and organizing a strong campaign.  The certification, comprised of two exams, is valid for one year.


5. Google Analytics

Last but not least, the Google Analytics certification helps to develop your technical skills in marketing.  While often overlooked, the ability to target the details of analytics can make a major difference in adjusting campaigns for success.  The course focuses on fundamentals such as dimensions, metrics, audiences, segmentation, and verbiage.  While these factors of marketing sound particularly daunting, the knowledge and ability to work with them can display an obvious boost in your skills as a marketer.  This certification is sure to get you promoted.

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