Take A Content First Approach Building Your Website

by Sep 11, 2017Content Strategy

The two key elements of an excellent website are the content and the actual design or format. It is often difficult to decide where the focus needs to be. However, after careful thought, you will probably realize that quality content is what is most important. No matter how attractive the WordPress design might be and how many buttons there are to push for an interactive user experience, no one will stay on the website if the content is not relevant and understandable.

Advantages of Creating Content First

There are many good reasons for making content creation the priority in developing your website, including:

  • Consistency
    There will be a smooth flow of ideas, facts, and opinions with nothing lost between writers and/or sections of the content. You can also ensure a uniform style of writing.

  • Productivity

    There is an efficiency to writing all the content first with no more second guessing what will fit into specific design elements or argue the merits of adding or deleting certain items.

  • Quality

    With all the content laid out for editing, it is easier to spot and fix any errors, omissions, and inaccuracies.

Building the Content

The reason you are developing a website is to send your message to the right audience. Whether you are selling a product or service, disseminating information, telling stories or teaching, you need to make sure that the content you, your writers or your clients prepare is complete, accurate, current, consistent and engaging.

Designing a website is usually a developmental process, with the various pages building on the content of previous ones. The most efficient work plan for content creation starts with an overview of the entire website by following these steps:

  • Confirm the purpose of the website including a description of the intended audience.
  • Determine the scope of the content first so that you know how much and what information must be included.
  • Review the current website to see what content can be used as reference info.
  • Write an outline with a brief description of the key points for each page and section of the website.
  • Provide the outline, all the specs and other useful reference material to each writer and editor.
  • Develop a timeline for the entire project so it is clear to the writers where their contribution is positioned.
  • Confirm that the content includes header tags, calls-to-action, and pertinent sidebar information

Incorporating the Content

The common framework used by all the writers and editors should ensure quality content, page by page. Then, it is time to design the site around the kind and volume of content. Your goal is always to have a format that is attractive and engages the user both physically and intellectually. Effective use of white space, images, interactive functions, and color are keys to a first-class website that attracts return traffic.

The job of the designer is to accommodate and present excellent content in the best way possible. This means you need the content first before you can determine the website design. If you are prepared to focus on quality content creation and then be responsive and flexible in your WordPress design, you are sure to construct an excellent product.

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