Splash vs. Eventbrite: Choosing the Right Event Management Tool

by Oct 22, 2020Design, Marketing

With everything going on in the world today, we have seen a large towards event marketing and promotion for live and online events. Because of this, the events industry is experiencing an increase in the need for event management systems and event marketing channels.

Promoters need to make sure that their event marketing software does everything they need and more. Luckily, we’ve done the research!


Splash is an event planning website that allows users to plan and execute live or hybrid events for their audience. Users can choose which virtual event service they prefer and utilize their brand throughout the process. Professional level customization is completely available for event promotion pages with or without hiring responsive web designers to lead the process — users can do it all on their own!

Custom Branding

The event planning software used by Splash makes it incredibly easy to incorporate branding and digital marketing efforts into every aspect of event planning and execution. It helps users incorporate branded themes for virtual events themselves, as well as branded emails, pages, and other marketing materials through its start of the art web design services.

Additionally, Splash allows users to pick the event service that works the best for whatever programs needed. Users can rest assured knowing they can stay connected to their audience on their platform of choice.

Easy Registration

Splash provides users with different in-person and online registration options for their audience. Their flexible event registration software has forms that are easy to change whenever necessary in order to obtain information from attendees. Splash users can set custom fields on forms and receive data as people are filling them out.

Not only can promoters customize the forms, but Splash gives them the ability to completely automate and personalize reminders, updates, event invites and follow-ups.

Promotion Made Simple

Users can personalize their marketing efforts by using effective marketing channels. What’s more is that Splash gives users the ability to promote multiple events. Splash’s dashboard allows users to view and search through each of their custom event websites with ease.

Users can also integrate white-label event calendars with email newsletters in order to reach as many people as possible. This increases their reach, as well as engagement between them and their audience. Event promoters are able to get the same results as their retained inbound marketing agency.

Splash gives users different ways to promote their event. Not only can users integrate with their newsletter, but they can share mobile-friendly event posters that make registration and sharing easy.

Ticket Sales

Splash provides users with various options for payment and delivery of tickets. Easily set order limits and availability while viewing sales from a sales report. Splash’s secure ticket solution allows users to maximize revenue and provide the tools necessary to have a successful event.

You’re in Control

Not only can Splash make sure an event is branded, but it can make sure the entire team is involved. Users can invite team members to access, view or manage the event campaign and reporting. Specify which people can edit any brand assets with role-based user permissions.

Splash also gives users the power to have all event data by integrating with sales CRMs such as Slack, HubSpot and Salesforce.


Streamlined Check Ins

The day of the event shouldn’t have anyone stressed about their event marketing platform. Splash makes checking in easy with a built-in check in system that quickly captures attendance and syncs data across devices and users’ chosen CRM instantly. Did someone show up that didn’t pre-register? Don’t stress, Splash has a business card scanner that will sync all of the attendee’s information to contact records.

With the Splash host app, users can print customizable badges when event attendees check in. Users can also guarantee their team is engaging with specific people by notifying them via push notifications when they arrive. What’s more is that Splash also gives users the ability to keep in touch with attendees via text email updates.


Eventbrite is an event platform that allows users to transform their online and in-person events into an experience for all attendees. Eventbrite is a website for events and their creators. 


With Eventbrite, users can have built-in payment processing, support and analytics at their fingertips. Analytics are tracked in real time and can be viewed from any device. Eventbrite’s Organizer mobile app can make accessing these analytics easy to learn how event promotion efforts play into an inbound marketing plan.

Simple Branding

Eventbrite works with its users to make sure their brand is properly represented when they plan events using its event management software. Along with a professional listing page, users are also able to embed checkout functionality back on their own site.

Event Consultation

Not only does Eventbrite assist in the virtual aspect of planning events, but it will help with on-site planning and consultation. The Eventbrite team will assist with equipment rentals and provide mobile box office tech kits to easily check in guests, sell tickets at the door and check analytics in real time.

Promotion Integration

An event promotion strategy shouldn’t be a hassle! With Eventbrite’s event marketing strategies, users are given the tools necessary to reach new targeted audiences every year. They have access to free tools such as custom email invitations, targeted event recommendations and built-in social sharing. 

Additionally, Eventbrite makes sharing on Facebook easy with their Facebook events integration. This makes integrating evite events into content marketing simple, especially while building an event marketing plan.

Nonprofit Donations

Planning a nonprofit event? Eventbrite makes selling tickets and taking donations simple. Not only are users able to set up and share the event, but Eventbrite has integrations that make raising money for a specific cause an important aspect of the event.

Webinar Support

The team at Eventbrite understands the amount of effort users put into having a successful event, and they want to help make events discoverable. On Eventbrite’s Online Events page, audience members have access to every webinar occurring on the site. Therefore, not only are users’ marketing efforts reaching a specific audience, but Eventbrite is reaching people for them.

Winner: Splash

Both platforms are two of the best websites for event planners. When considering what kind of event management platform to use, it is crucial that you list what you need in a platform. Despite Eventbrite’s hands-on approach to event promotion and assistance, Splash has the tools needed to really drive the message home when marketing events. 

Splash has the tools needed to really drive the message home when marketing events. Click To Tweet

Our team strongly recommends Splash to our clients. Customization and branding is key when it comes to professional event promotion and marketing. Splash’s fully customizable nature makes it a shoe-in for anyone looking to get the word out about an event with style.

Of course, there is always room for Eventbrite when looking to get an event page out into the public or to your audience quickly with the benefit of having analytics to review your marketing efforts.

Final Words

Everything from how you promote your event to any operations on the day of should be considered when looking at event promotion platforms. Each platform discussed in this article can offer you something different.

You need to ask yourself: How does your event software suite hold up? What could be better? What do you need most? Chances are, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd a bit to reap the full benefits of your event promotion, though! 😉

Do you recommend any Splash or Eventbrite alternatives to add to the conversation? Reach out to us on Twitter at @dcdevshop and make sure you follow us for blog updates!

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