Visual Sitemap Generators are Reshaping the Industry

by May 3, 2018Content Strategy

In the duration of the last decade, website designs and expectations for them have developed exponentially.  Websites with slow loading times, old-fashion designs, or poor interface are quickly regarded ‘unreliable’ as a business. A high-quality and clean-cut professional design has become a priority among viewers deciding whether they will affiliate with a business. Information architecture is a development that is now a key factor for small business websites.  This element is crucial to help you structure your website.  As  a result of the surge in exceptional website design, WordPress websites have flourished with their ease of use and professional custom design.  Still, many small business owners need a designer to help them build a website that reflects the image they are trying to portray about their business.

Streamlines the Web Designer’s Role

The sole task of web designers is not only to design a website, but to figure out how to integrate content into the design.  They must decide what content will draw in leads and create successful turnarounds.  Information architecture helps its users to understand their content and how they can implement the content that their website visitors are looking for.  Its purpose serves to analyze the language and structure of a website.  Web designers must use information architecture to implement content gathering when helping a client to optimize their website.  Content gathering includes a variety of new content to be focused on as well as the gathering of older content.  When redesigning a website to attract an audience, the focus of the information being emphasized is a task often overlooked.  Design has recently become one of the biggest factors for customer choice, however, enhancing content can be just as important.  The use of information architecture helps to organize this content in what should be prioritized and what should be left behind.  UX designers practice and implement this strategy daily.  It is a skill that must be mastered as it leads to anupward spiral of  successful content strategy, technical writing, and interactive design.

Eliminates the Communication Barrier

Before the development of visual sitemaps, the process of coordinating between designer and client made it difficult to ensure that the client was satisfied throughout the process.  Communication was limited and there was no real means of showing an example aside from fully designing a website before seeing if the client approved.  Visual sitemaps, however, have made this entire process of communication much simpler.  They have provided a method for the designer to quickly draw out their ideas and get approval before more effort is put into their execution.  DC Dev Shop now uses Slickplan to share proposed sitemaps with clients.  Furthermore, the Slickplan Importer Plugin has been a tremendous help in implementing these projects onto our websites.   The use of visual sitemaps allows for the testing and revision of different website structures as well as a visual communication plan with the client.  This tool has been a game changer in the web design industry and has largely improved client satisfaction with designer work.

A visual sitemap generator allows for optimal design strategy.  It is an integrative website planning system that helps clients and designers alike to focus on their objectives for the design.  Designers can start from scratch for an entirely new website or complete redesigns, likewise, they can add adaptations to a current website concept for a redesign that seeks minor changes. Having a website planning system creates an ease for exact visual representation and testing out different ideas.  Further, clients can get a preview before the design process is carried out in its entirety.  They have the ability to spot problems or elements they dislike early on and coordinate with the UX designer to meet their objectives.  A visual sitemap generator truly adds dimension when it is used to integrate the information architecture.  Slickplan holds additional tools such as page notes, page types, wireframes, design images, and comments within the pages of the sitemap generator. This feature really helps clients see that their goals are being met.

Packed with Tools for the Designer

Taking a step further with the visual sitemap generator, they allow for the simplifying of complex projects.  Coding and crafting website proposals can be tedious without the use of a sitemap.  Visual sitemaps allow for speedy page mapping and a quick draw-out of plans.  Essentially, they are a diagram maker for the client.  More complex projects can take even more time without the use of a sitemap, and potentially be a waste due to client dissatisfaction.  Sitemaps can ease a more complex project through sub sitemaps, the ability to focus on specific areas through the expanding and collapsing of different sections, as well as a batch editor.  Slickplan has been carefully crafted as a visual sitemap generator.  The multitude of features that it allows and the ease of use to which it can be applied make it a leading option for the implementation of web design.

Much like anyone who works in the service industry, web designers are not magicians.  The world is full of a variety of different clients, each with a distinct taste and unique approach toward reaching their goals. Communication can often prove to be a barrier and make it difficult for both parties to reach a similar object. Visual sitemap generators are a simplistic website planning system to eliminate this complication.  Web designers can make use of sitemaps to easily draw a vision of their plan.  Further, sitemaps add simplicity to complex and daunting projects through their multitude of features and tools.  This ultimately allows for the end of the communication barrier between web designer and client.  The client can easily see the direction that the web designer is taking the project and correct it if it doesn’t align with their ideal website vision.  This is a huge timesaver for both the client and web designer.  Visual sitemap generators are changing the entire precedent of the digital world.  The entire field of web-design is getting more cut-throat as the visual appeal of websites has become a priority among consumers.  Slickplan makes this process easier, and allows for the tactical execution of collaboration to create an impeccable vision.

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