New Hire: Jacky Javier joins DCDS as a Visual Designer

by Mar 15, 2018Agency Life

DC Dev Shop is excited to announce a new addition to the team – Jacky Javier!

Thank you for the warm welcome!

I have been an artist my entire life, always doodling and trying out new mediums. Pencils turned to paint, and paint turned digital. I have pursued the path of Illustrator and Graphic Designer, constantly consuming new content, and keeping up with new programs.

After my first experience designing posters, and mocking up layouts, it turned into a desire to continue to help organize the information around me. It encouraged me to seek out a career in Graphic Design, setting out to contribute crisp illustrations and type for the world.

Seeing the work created by DC Dev Shop, and the fresh image it pursues serves as an inspiration to a budding designer, like me. I thoroughly enjoy the visual experience, and passion for innovation.

I am so excited to join these digital creatives!

Jacky currently resides and works in Northern Virginia, accompanied with her trusty iPad Pro, and moleskin sketchbook. When she’s not doodling away, Jacky can be found browsing old book stores, scrolling on the web, and watching a whole lotta movies. As a Graphic Designer for DC Dev Shop, Jacky aids with logo and brand design, while maintaining social media projects.

Jacky has been toting around a sketchbook for as long as she can remember. The sketchbook has since been replaced with laptops, and tablets, as her role shifts from Illustrator to Graphic Designer. Through her career, schooling, and life, Jacky has always enjoyed keeping up with the newest tech and trends. She loves diving into new projects, and exploring digital mediums. With her versatility and insight, she helps contribute to DC Dev Shop in the way of Logo and Brand Design.

She appreciates the accessibility to good designs, and believes that a great typeface can save the world. Art and Design can be utilized in more ways than can be imagined, and Jacky is happy to be a part of it. Working remotely, and as a freelance artist, she savors the time to experiment, create, and paint all the portraits she pleases.

When she’s not designing logos, Jacky can be found browsing old book stores, scrolling on the web, and watching a whole lotta movies.

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