Instagram Automation Tools for Your Business

by Jun 19, 2020Marketing

Are you looking into Instagram automation tools, but don’t know where to start? Researching multiple platforms that offer a similar service for your Instagram marketing can be an overwhelming process.

With so many platforms offering automation services, the only way to decide which one is right for your brand is to consider the features that would be most useful for your social media marketing activity.

Once you’ve narrowed down the features you feel will help you grow, you can focus on the platforms that offer what you need and their reviews. However, before you can really dive into how a platform can help you grow, you first need to understand what exactly automation is.

What is Instagram Automation?

Instagram automation is an Instagram tool that can be used to help users manage and monitor their account. More specifically, this often includes the use of Instagram bots to automate specific tasks.

Instagram bots will leave comments, send messages, like posts or follow and unfollow accounts based on specifications users set. It’s important to note that, while using bots to interact online is a great tool, there still needs to be a human aspect to your Instagram exchanges.

Scheduling posts can also be considered an aspect of Instagram automation. This can be a great way to save time through utilizing automation tools, while maintaining plenty of time for a human approach to Instagram.

What Are Instagram Bots?

Instagram bots were created to help users perform actions that they do on a daily basis without taking up time.

Users set parameters for the bots, such as hashtags or accounts to focus on, and they do all the work.

In other words, bots are a great tool for freeing up your time so you can focus on your business.

The Benefits

Utilizing Instagram bots can allow your business and brand to reap many benefits.

  • Some of the most obvious benefits include increased engagement with your brand and automated Instagram growth.
  • Bots are also known for providing instant results through increased exposure.
  • Additionally, bots are better than buying followers because they get you real followers.

The Risks

Although extremely useful, Instagram automation tools pose risks to keeping your account safe.

  • Bots can get you into awkward situations. They are designed to comment based on hashtags you’ve provided, but they may comment at inappropriate times.
  • People are becoming more aware of bots and may engage less with your account if it becomes obvious you are using them. (Remember to keep the human aspect alive.)
  • Instagram bots can permanently damage your account, as they violate Instagram’s terms of use and can cause your account to get shadow-banned. This is usually caused by following too many users in a short period of time or that have nothing to do with your account. Additionally,  allowing your bot to do all of the work can get your account noticed by Instagram admins.

Helpful Instagram Automation Tools

There are many options when it comes to picking an Instagram automation platform. Although it may seem that they are all the same, each platform will usually have something unique.

1. Gramto


Gramto is a tool that manages your Instagram activities for you. While they are most known for allowing users to auto post, Gramto has many additional features that will manage Instagram accounts on auto pilot.

  • Auto Follow & Unfollow: This feature allows users to set their Instagram account to follow others based on set criteria, whether that be hashtags, locations, or people. Auto unfollow allows users to schedule when to unfollow other accounts. Additionally, Gramto allows users to set criteria for who to unfollow, like those accounts that don’t follow them back, or accounts that were auto followed.
  • Auto Direct Message: Gramto’s auto direct message tool allows users to personalize and predefine the messages they want sent out. The personalization feature was created to guarantee Gramto stands apart from other Automated Messages.
  • Auto Repost: This tool makes it possible for users to share content, even when they’re not online. Gramto makes it possible to repost content from others based on hashtags, locations and people. Users are also able to set a time to delete auto reposted content after it has been shared for a set number of hours or days.
  • Auto Comment: Gramto allows users to set unlimited predefined comments. These can be made on any public post and can be set to a predefined frequency. Further, these comments can include links and hashtags, as well as Emojis. (🤩)
  • Auto Like: With this tool, users can like the posts of followers via specific hashtags, usernames or locations. Additionally, Gramto allows users to target the followers of competitors by liking their followers’ posts.
  • Auto View Story: Gramto claims to be the first to offer this feature. It allows users to automatically view Instagram Stories when they’re not online. Users are able to view hundreds of stories per day, therefore boosting their account’s engagement.

Aside from the tools, Gramto offers a free three-day trial for a single user, as well as a great support team and a user-friendly design.

2. Instazood

Instazood establishes itself as a tool that will help users gain more followers on social media. Through the use of their automation tools, Instagram bots guarantee more likes and followers. Instazood promises that the results are not forged by bots, but real people that are interested in your profile.

Like some other automation platforms, Instazood allows users to auto like, follow and unfollow, comment, direct message, view stories and post. However, they have some main features they believe set them apart from their competitors.

  • Full Control: This feature allows users to have complete control over how they use Instazood. With the ability to specify target audiences with filters and customization, users can guarantee they are seeing results that make sense for their brand.
  • Mobile Friendly: While many bots can be difficult to use, Instazood has optimized their bot to work on all mobile devices. This allows users to access and manage activity whenever and wherever.
  • No Download: Instazood is accessible directly from the web and does not require any additional installation. This makes Instazood more user-friendly and arguably the safest Instagram bot available. 
  • Safe to Use: Making sure that your account doesn’t hit Instagram limits is something Instazood has worked to prevent. Their service will automatically moderate its speed and offers multiple speed settings for advanced users.
  • Multiple Languages: Users can easily localize their dashboard and change languages. Instazood currently supports fifteen languages.

Instazood offers a free three-day trial and guarantees technical assistance whenever users need it.

3. SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain allows users to gain real followers, likes and comments through their automated targeted marketing. Additionally, the personalized dashboard allows users to automate and control every action on Instagram.

They have three main goals for their users’ growth:

  • Vertical Growth: They want users to not only get real likes and followers, but increase their audience, engagement and exposure organically.
  • SmartGrowth: Users’ automation campaigns will fine tune based on the results of previous actions. This means there is no extra work for the user.
  • Consistency: Their optimizations ensure that users’ Instagram bot automation only gets better over time.

SocialCaptain allows users to analyze their bot’s performance in real-time using smart reporting features. Additionally, users have competitor and language tracking that can be utilized to find the best results.

SocialCaptain offers a free trial with no payment method or commitment required.

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4. Jarvee

Jarvee emphasizes users can grow their accounts 10-fold with real followers only. 

With their automation tools, Jarvee allows users to schedule posts, and auto repost, follow, follow back, unfollow, like, comment and delete posts.

Jarvee has features that do hashtag research, find and extract targeted users, block followers, manage comments and save posts.

Additionally, Jarvee allows users to contact prospects on Instagram. You can set up your account to auto reply to new messages or send a welcome message to any new followers.

Jarvee offers new users a five-day free trial.

5. Ingramer

Ingramer automates liking, following and unfollowing, as well as direct messaging.

In order to mirror human behavior as much as possible, Ingramer’s bots are created to recognize a chosen time zone and when it is appropriate to sleep. This makes the bots mimic the behavior of a human user.

Ingramer offers four modules for users:

  • Promo: This module includes auto follow, unfollow and likes.
  • Direct: With the direct module, users are able to bulk message their audience.
  • Scheduled Posting: Users are able to post at the exact time they want.
  • Hashtag Generator: This module drives traffic to a user’s page.

Not only do users have access to detailed statistics, but Ingramer occasionally offers them discounts on longer packages.

Though they do not offer a free trial, Ingramer will provide a cheap nonrefundable unique VPN to test auto posting, auto direct messaging and the hashtag generator.

6. is an Instagram automation platform that allows users to schedule photo and video posts, as well as engage with followers while monitoring hashtags and locations.

Users are provided statistics for posts and automation activity that track the growth of their interactions. Additionally, allows users to utilize Instagram automation features for multiple accounts. offers a three-day free trial and three options for paid automation plans.

7. emphasizes attracting real Instagram users through organic engagement.

Their platform stands apart from others because it does not auto follow/unfollow, comment or direct message. Instead, they find accounts that are similar to users’ and like their content.

By doing this, they guarantee that their users are only receiving authentic engagements. offers two monthly plans for users:

  • Standard Plan: This plan offers a “moderate growth” speed, video onboarding and a target of about ten new followers per month.
  • Premium Plan: This premium plan offers a “maximum growth” speed, video onboarding, a target of forty new followers per month, VIP email and live chat customer support, advanced targeting and a blacklisting feature. is trusted by over 10,000 social media marketers and influencers with a pay-as-you-go philosophy and a promise to give you your money back for the first 14 days of use.

Which Platform is the Best Fit?

Now that you have been able to read about a few Instagram automation platforms, it is important to dive deeper into the ones that stand out to you for your business.

Keep in mind that Instagram automation is a great tool, but it isn’t free. Each platform offers something different and varies in price. To that point, many automation platforms offer free trials as a great way to test compatibility with your business and goals.

Whether you’re looking for scheduling, follow/unfollow programs, auto posting and liking functionality or simply a bot to monitor your follower/following ratio, there’s a platform out there for you.

Once you discover the appropriate options, you’ll be one step closer to growing your online presence in no time. If interested in optimizing your social media marketing plan, check out our articles Instagram Stories for Your Business, 8 Best Twitter Automation Tools and Planning a Social Media Strategy.

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