Inbound Marketing Methodologies to Consider when Building a Website

by Apr 20, 2018Marketing

Over the past decades of paid advertising and ‘in your face’ marketing, the impact of traditional techniques has dulled. As new generations get older and old methods stagnate, businesses have struggled to market to their target audience. Aside from that, digital advertising space can be expensive and yet it still remains so difficult to be seen among numerous businesses. This is why the ‘inbound marketing’ concept has taken off. This is a method that focuses on drawing people to your business naturally.

Rather than buying consumers, you must earn them, giving you a competitive edge against other businesses in your niche. Through inbound marketing, you have the potential to make your business look like the best in its field by showing off your expertise through content offered to potential leads. Apart from generating traffic to your site, offering the public exceptional content will help maintain leads for a long time to come. Offering something of value to people instills a loyalty that will keep them coming back to your business.

But what methods should be implemented to succeed in inbound marketing when creating your website?

specialized Content creation

When it comes to inbound marketing, content serves dual purposes. To start, content makes your website easier to find.  More content will allow your website to show up more throughout search engines as well as provide more opportunities for people to share your pages.  Additionally, content creates interest that will keep your target audience directed at your website.  If people like the content that you are generating, they will continue to follow your business for more of it.  Content that leaves them satisfied with your business will peak their interest and leave a trigger for your business to satisfy their need.

To apply this key piece of the methodology to your website, you must decide which ways you want to offer content to your audience.  Blogging, whitepapers, e-books, videos, webinars, infographics, and podcasts are some examples of content that you can offer your website visitors. While creating your content, give it a boost by taking advantage of keywords and topics. Make sure that these keywords line up with what you want your business to represent and what is being searched for on the internet, this will allow for better SEO as well. Further,  pages of content can be crafted to make use of prominent keywords.

Offers for calls-to-action

While content is a major proponent in getting viewers to your site, offers are what really help win over your leads.  The content is the first phase of the buyer’s journey: ‘attract.’ Offers, however, are a part of the next step that you will implement: ‘convert.’  In order to begin a two-way relationship with your lead, you must have their contact information. Offers provide a creative way to make them more inclined to give this to you.

This process can be seen as a trade. When you create a landing page or call-to-action, your visitors will want something in exchange for giving you their valuable information.  Therefore, you must give them something of equal value.  For example, if you would like them to fill out a form or give you contact information, you can offer a downloadable e-book in exchange. If your call to action is something bigger, make sure that the offer you are providing is a value that matches.

Audience Centered approach

When it comes to creating your website, it is imperative to keep in mind that inbound marketing is an audience-centered process. Many websites use a lot of space to talk about the business, its history, experience, products, services, etc. However, this still plays into the old ‘in-your-face’ marketing.  While it’s obviously important to include information about your business on the site, make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the visitor and that the focus stays on them.

At the end of the day, many prospects don’t care much about your business. What they are looking for is how your business plans to help them solve a problem. This is especially true when prospects sometimes aren’t even looking for a product or service.  Instead, most of the time they are just using a search engine to find a solution. A website that’s focused on inbound marketing will be able to appeal to this.  The website will express the problems that the prospect is facing and then show them how to reach their goals.  This instills a sense of safety in your website’s visitors and they understand that you are trying to help them.

visitor-personalized content

In a digital world where there is a variety of different people, everyone is looking to stand out.  Businesses are catching on to this idea and looking to make each website visitor feel special when visiting their website.  Tools like Hubspot can help you personalize content and offers for your prospects.  Rather than just downloading generic Whitepapers or being offered the same content as everyone else, Hubspot can target the particular goals and characteristics of each visitor and calculate how to approach each one individually.

Overall, inbound marketing has made a heavy impact in the digital world.  People are more inclined to follow inbound marketing because it is more focused on the customers.  The traditional approach of paid advertising holds a caution of businesses being selfish and only trying to earn money.  The inbound marketing approach helps prospects to feel that they are important and that their needs are being met by that business. This is why it has been largely successful, especially with millions of paid advertisements across the web. Each of these pieces of the inbound marketing methodology will help lead your business on the path to success!

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