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With over 78,000 customers in over 120 countries, HubSpot has made setting your company up for inbound marketing easy with the establishment of their Solutions Partner program.

By working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner agency, you are given access to all of HubSpot’s incredible resources and tools meant to help your business thrive. Not only can you use the CRM to manage all things related to your business, but you can rest assured that you are working with the best of the best to optimize your efforts.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a platform that offers marketing, sales, and service software to help businesses grow. They specialize in inbound marketing (their founders reportedly coined the term) and work with their users to optimize various business efforts. The biggest attraction is that users no longer need various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) softwares to manage their business.

What is the Solutions Partner Program?

This program works to pair companies that want to build their expertise in HubSpot with Solutions Partner agencies. As you read through this article, you’ll find that partnered businesses gain access to various services such as CRM implementation, marketing, sales and web design solutions. Whatever you are looking to do with your business, a HubSpot Solutions Partner is there to help!

HubSpot and its Solutions Partners provide consulting, tech implementation and hands-on services in various aspects of business. With over 78,000 global customers, this program is the right place to launch your business.

Reasons to Partner with a HubSpot Solutions Partner

HubSpot has built its platform around its expertise in several areas of business management and marketing. Its Solutions Partners know this and know how to bring the right solutions to you. Once you find the partner that best suits your needs, they will work to set you up with the right tools for the job.

These tools will help you in various aspects of business growth.

1. Increase Your Traffic

Through their various offers, HubSpot Solutions Partners can guide you through the process of figuring out which HubSpot solutions are best to increase your traffic. This may be to your website or through social media.

HubSpot and its Solutions Partners can provide multiple options and the perfect one for your business will be included. It’s all a matter of taking the time to collaborate and learn from each other.

Ad Software

For their advertisement assistance, HubSpot uses their CRM and web analytics data to explain which ads are converting prospects into customers. Not only are they able to tell you who has been converted, but HubSpot can explain how your ads are influencing them through campaign monitoring.

The HubSpot software makes it easy to align your ads with all of your marketing efforts and target a specific audience. You are able to create your target audience based on site traffic or by creating Facebook lookalike audiences. Additionally, HubSpot makes it simple to change your offer based on the social media platform or sync your audience between each.

Blog Software

HubSpot’s blogging software helps their users publish blog content that will drive traffic and help convert your readers into customers. Their fully integrated blogging platform makes it easy to compose, organize and revise your content.

The tools included with their blog software provides SEO recommendations and assists in creating content that will generate conversions after it has been published. Not only will HubSpot assist you in creating the content, but they will help you promote and analyze it.

SEO Software

Their SEO Marketing Software allows users to build their authority in search. Through utilizing an SEO plan, optimizing content and having a way to measure return, HubSpot offers users a way to outrank competitors.

This tool constantly updates based on SEO’s ever-changing manner and provides HubSpot users with recommendations for site optimization. Additionally, users receive topic recommendations as well as performance and rank in search reports.

Social Media Software

With HubSpot’s Social Media Management Software, users are able to manage all of their platforms through one tool. Not only are you able to publish to your various accounts, but you can do so in the same place that you build your campaigns.

One of the hardest things about having multiple accounts is keeping up with interactions. Fortunately, HubSpot allows users to monitor their various platforms and reply directly within HubSpot. The Social Media Management Software also provides users with reports to monitor their social performance.

2. Connect with Leads

Getting people to your site is only part of the battle. In order to get conversions, you need to make sure that you are connecting with those leads. Luckily, Solutions Partners are trained in lead generation and growth driven design principles.

Armed with an arsenal of HubSpot lead generation tools, your partner will help you find the exact combination that will fit for your business and your audience. Afterall, it’s all about nurturing.

Find New Prospects

HubSpot provides users with the tools to know who their prospects are. Users are able to see companies that are visiting their site at any given time and filter them down. This means that your team can use filters for custom views to track specific prospects.

This tool also helps keep any team on track and connected. HubSpot users are able to set up daily emails for their team that include important prospects. Additionally, automated emails and alerts can be programmed to be sent out when certain prospects are visiting your site.

Email Tracking

This tool helps with all of your email needs so your business can close deals. With email tracking, you are able to know the exact moment a prospect converts to a lead. You can view your interaction rate and then personalize your outreach to maximize clicks.

In order to maximize the chances of interaction, HubSpot users can receive notifications whenever a lead opens an email or performs a specific action. Also, with the built-in activity stream, you are able to log each lead’s interaction history inside your HubSpot tool, which allows you to personalize your approach even more.

Sales Email Templates

HubSpot’s Email Templates allow businesses to turn their best emails into templates that are easily personalized and shared with their team. Not only can you send the template emails directly from your inbox, but you can rest assured knowing you don’t have to spend as much time drafting them.

Like many other tools offered through HubSpot, you have access to real-time metrics. Now you are able to view the data for all of your templates, from a specific sender, over your chosen time period.

Click to Call Your Leads

This tool makes calling and call tracking easy. HubSpot understands the amount of time that goes into dialing and they don’t want you to focus on that. Through their CRM you are able to queue and prioritize your entire day’s calls.

HubSpot also allows you to place calls through your browser and log them into your CRM. This provides users with an automatically updated call log so you can focus on what matters for your business: customer engagement.

Email Marketing

HubSpot’s Email Marketing Software works with their email tracking and templates so users can optimize their outreach capability. With this tool, you don’t have to wait for designers or help from IT to create eye-catching email campaigns.

Additionally, this tool gives you the ability to personalize emails and utilize A/B tests and analytics. These tests and analytics provide an insight into what your email campaigns are doing well and what needs some improvement.

3. Close & Manage Deals

Congratulations, you’ve gotten your leads, now what? Every business has a different way to approach this step. Fortunately, HubSpot’s numerous tools make it simple and having a Solutions Partner makes it even easier.

From assisting in marketing workflows to sales sequence development, your partner knows how you can build and close the deal.

From assisting in marketing workflows to sales sequence development, your partner knows how you can build and close the deal. Click To Tweet

Document Tracking Tool

With this tool, you never have to worry about sharing documents with teammates again. HubSpot offers a single library that is accessible by your whole team for all of your documents. This connects to your Gmail or Outlook inbox for easy access whenever you need it.

To make this tool even more helpful, users are able to know whenever a prospect opens a document. This allows users to follow up appropriately and timely. Additionally, you now know which documents close deals and outperform other options.

Meeting Schedule Tool

HubSpot’s free Meeting Scheduling Software gives users a way to schedule appointments in a timely manner. This tool gives prospects the power to book meetings, and they automatically sync to your calendar.

There is also an option to send group meeting links to allow scheduling time with multiple people from your team. While they schedule meetings, HubSpot grows your database and creates records for new prospects.

Sales Automation Tool

This automation software works hand in hand with the various email tools provided. Users can queue up emails and tasks to automatically send out and share them with their team.

By automating the follow-up process, you can make sure no one slips through the cracks and guarantee emails are personalized each time. There is also email tracking available to determine which sequences are getting the most return.

Lead Management Tool

You no longer have to worry about managing leads, because HubSpot makes it easy. This tool makes your sales outreach simple by allowing you to cut down the amount of time you prepare for calls or emails.

The CRM in HubSpot makes it possible to follow-up directly in your browser or assign tasks to team members. Additionally, it is now easy to track sales and trends for your entire team. All customer stories are different and you can read each one clearly with this offering.

Pipeline Management Tool

HubSpot’s Sales Pipeline Management Tool covers all your bases when working with leads. It was created to allow users to create new deals in almost no time. Whenever you add new deals, the HubSpot CRM will automatically populate the record with up-to-date information.

Customization is also a major aspect of this tool. The drag and drop tool removes your need for IT to edit deal stages. Additionally, you’re given total visibility to track the progress of your pipeline throughout the entire process.

4. Support and Tools

Not only does HubSpot offer a variety or tools, but they offer multiple areas of support.

HubSpot Academy can be extremely beneficial. Here they offer free online training and certifications through various courses. Not only do the courses cover marketing, but also sales, service, website design, web development and data privacy.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for right away, you can join a local user group, view HubSpot templates, see free tools and generators, but of course, you will also have access to your HubSpot Partner.

Your partner will know how to use all the tools you need to improve your business. They will audit, onboard and keep you going through your inbound marketing strategy – after all, they likely built it hand-in-hand with you.

When using HubSpot for your business, do not be afraid to reach out to your partner. They have likely already run into any problems you encounter and are trained to help you solve those issues.

Hire a Partner!

By working with a HubSpot partner, you have access to their skills. Not only can they help teach you about all the amazing aspects of HubSpot, but they can provide the support you need to optimize your inbound marketing efforts.

With help from partner agencies, you are able to access all your tools in one place. By working with an agency that uses HubSpot for everything, you can rest assured they know how to help in your time of need. Any questions you have regarding HubSpot can be answered quickly, just like any changes you want implemented.

HubSpot’s tools are powerful, but using them on your own can seem a little daunting, and each one barely scratches the surface of the platform’s potential. A Solutions Partner will know how to combine each one in use to create a modular inbound marketing strategy to make your company shine!

Our team at DC Dev Shop is proud to be a Solutions Partner. Our in-house marketing and contact management expertise tied in with HubSpot’s platform offers a unique blend of support and guidance you can use to expand your company faster than ever.

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