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by Jun 5, 2018Agency Life

With the increased use and speed of technology, there has also been a dramatic increase in the number of online platforms, software, and resources available to all types of businesses in every capacity imagined. At DC Dev Shop, we utilize our fair share of these. It may seem like it would be overwhelming to have dozens of different accounts with different resources and skills, but take our word that these platforms are some of the best for digital agencies and beyond.


HubSpot is online software that is used to help manage inbound marketing and sales (inbound marketing being attracting customers through relevant content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization). At DCDS, we use HubSpot for everything from planning our social media to analyzing traffic trends. HubSpot is great for analytics and is super easy to follow for beginners.


Pantheon is a resource that provides website hosting and management for both Drupal and WordPress sites (the DCDS specialty). Pantheon boasts, “a lightning-fast content delivery network, professional developer tools, and an automated workflow”. DCDS uses Pantheon to host all of our WordPress websites, which makes building websites for our clients faster, more efficient, and ends in amazing results.


Asana is a project management software that allows your team to assign, track, and manage tasks. You can create specific projects with specific people assigned to them, set deadlines that show up both on the task and on the built-in calendar, and communicate about tasks directly in Asana. Since DCDS is a small team, we use one Asana to manage our duties regarding our clients and DCDS itself, but it would also work great for team divisions in a larger company.


InVision is an application that allows the user to prototype mockups of designs easily and efficiently. It’s perfect for website designs, mobile designs, as well a great place to store branding images and inspiration. DCDS uses InVision when designing our branding and mockups for our social feeds, but we plan to expand our use of it in the near future.


Slack is a messaging and file sharing software, much like a group message, but better. You can message one person directly or make channels for specific groups that deal with specific projects or activities. You can also chat with yourself to record notes or reminders, or talk to the slackbot whenever you have questions. At DCDS, we like the flexibility of working remotely, so Slack is a great way for all of us to ask each other questions and stay on the same page.


Now that you have all of these amazing applications, you have the problem of needing to remember all the passwords. That’s where LastPass comes in, a password manager and password generator that stores your passwords for everything and anything. The DCDS team highly recommends this application, and the only password you’ll ever have to remember again is the one to LastPass itself.

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