Comparing Reporting Tools: Google Vs. HubSpot

by Aug 31, 2017Content Strategy, Marketing

Getting the right tools is an important part of any online marketing strategy. You can have the perfect WordPress theme, a strong writing team, and a solid strategy for acquiring backlinks for SEO purposes, but without the best tools to track data you simply won’t be as flexible or capable of shifting resources. While there are many different companies out there offering various tools, it’s hard to argue with looking at these two titans, Google and Hubspot, of online marketing.

Which of these two tools is best depends a lot on your company’s particular situation as there are not only many levels of service available, but the focus of each is a little bit different.

What Is HubSpot Best for?

HubSpot, like Google Analytics, gives the basics like total website visits, the most popular pages, as well as referral & conversion activities based on your site. While these are basics, HubSpot also gives a clear look on multiple levels of the traffic and really allows a clear breakdown of things like leads, transactions, and the Pro version allows the ability to tailor smart, responsive content that is designed to meet each client wherever they are in the buying process.

The ability to pull all this information in one place makes it easy to interact with is great for non-designers whereas Google Analytics obviously assumes you have a strong degree of online and technical savvy.

That being said, setting up a customized marketing plan through this program does take some work up front but once set up it can be a very effective jumping off point for any online campaign.

What Is Google Analytics Best for?

When it comes to pure analytics, gathering a large amount of information, it’s hard to see anyone touching Google Analytics. Even the free version of Analytics offers an incredible amount of useful information.

For companies or individuals who know how to use data and want to mine as much as possible, it’s hard to argue with the information that comes from going with Analytics. With Google as the major search engine with tons of information available, there is something reassuring that comes from knowing your information on visits, what pages of your sites are working well, and how visitors are actually finding you.

Just a small list of the information these programs provide include:

  • Page load speed
  • Where visitors interacted with each and every page
  • What devices people are using to find you
  • Site performance indicators

Which Option Is Tops?

This is going to depend a lot based on what exactly you need for your company. Are you a heavy tech-savvy individual who just needs solid data to make your marketing campaign work then going with Google’s offering makes sense. On the other hand, if you aren’t necessarily on the really technical side but you love having the ability to customize the marketing process in one place then it might make more sense to go with HubSpot.

While both definitely have their pros and cons, you really need to look at your specific needs to figure out which one is the best setup for you.

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