Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers

Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers (or more simply, Peacemakers Network) is an international organization that connects grassroots religious and traditional peacemakers with those working on a global scale to encourage sustainable peace and peacebuilding processes. Their work builds bridges leading to a better tomorrow.

Project Goals

Peacemakers Network came to DC Dev Shop with the goal of building an entirely new website for their organization. DC Dev Shop was expected to develop new visuals with updated copy to give a modern appeal to an otherwise timeless cause while remaining as classic as possible. This was quite a lift, as Peacemakers Network’s audience included players on the global stage of peacebuilding such as the United Nations and various religious organizations. The site was to be easily traversed, instantly discoverable and packed with all of the content and information relevant to the cause.

Scope of Services

DC Dev Shop worked to redesign Peacemakers Network’s previous website with new graphics and interactive maps and an overhaul of the entire site structure. A new sitemap was devised hand-in-hand with Peacemakers Network’s leadership. Since their previous site was already powered by WordPress, our team could easily work to enhance the site’s already solid SEO strategy and responsiveness to mobile devices. Peacemakers Network also signed on to one of DC Dev Shop’s WordPress care plans, allowing us to continue managing their site after development was completed.

Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers’ website is fresh, yet timeless; informative, yet neat; and interactive, yet demanding. It spreads the message of peace throughout the world and engages its audience in a manner fit as much for the United Nations, as it is for a local nonprofit.


DC Dev Shop is honored to have worked with an entity as prestigious and acclaimed as Peacemakers Network. We’re touched they opted to continue working with us indefinitely through our website maintenance program, as well. Collaboration is embedded within each of our organizations, so we look forward to the future with our new DC Dev Shop family member!

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