Fernleigh Cellars

Nestled in Spencer Hollow, Fernleigh Cellars is home to Vermonts’ First Maple Winery. They currently sell three different maple wines and maple mead, unique to the region of the Northeast.

Project Goals

Fernleigh Cellars was fairly new at the time they approached DCDS, so the main goal was to create a brand new website. The website needed to highlight the wines and mead that Fernleigh Cellars produced, as well as needed to showcase the property of Fernleigh, on which sits a historical house, a barn, active beehives, and a farm for fruits and vegetables, which was meant to encourage customers to visit the farm as well. Also, the website needed to provide all the necessary contact information for Fernleigh Cellars and the ability to subscribe to the company mailing list.

Scope of Services

When Fernleigh Cellars first came to DCDS, they already had a logo that they were very happy with. Starting from this logo, DCDS helped Fernleigh Cellars create the rest of their branding, including company colors, typography, and a web style guide. DCDS also created a starting content strategy and a copy for the website was provided by the DCDS team. Then once all the branding and overall strategy were created, DCDS provided web design, development, and hosting services to Fernleigh Cellars, helping them create the perfect website for their farm and their products.

DCDS also developed and expanded the Fernleigh branding, providing custom illustrations that captures the uniqueness of Vermonts’ first maple winery. Through inspiring conversations with Erin, our team was able to shape a digital presence for her growing business. We are excited to see what Fernleigh Cellars will be producing this year and you can checkout their website here.

Let’s Work Together

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