Avid Technology Profressionals

Avid Technology Professionals specializes in engineering, integration, and program management. They develop dynamic systems with top-down design that deliver unparalleled value and bottom-line results.

Project Goals

Avid Tech’s wanted to develop a site where their mission was told not simple words, but design. DC Dev Shop helped Avid Tech generate professional looking web pages to invoke confidence in prospective clients. Their main goal was to create an easy to navigate, informational online destination for organizations they hope to partner with. Founded by two former department of defense staff members Avid tech wanted a responsive interface, strong SEO, and show don’t tell philosophy to what they do. Along with these services, we offer created new logo/branding material to take their online presence to the next level.

Scope of Services

DC Dev Shop was given the task of recreating an entire newly designed site. By utilizing WordPress, DCDS created a blank site to firstmost organize existing content. The new site would require new headers, customer effects, and information regarding the services provided. Each step along the way, DCDS collaborated with Avid Tech to ensure their vision became a reality through the creation of wireframes, dummy sites, and other methods.

Avid Tech’s final site design displays their personal branding, core services offers, team members, and contact information for both partners and clients. Using UX/UI to drive traffic toward the contact pages, Avid Tech’s site not only accomplished it’s goal of being an informational hub to potential business but a lead generating tool. Their newly developed contact system and website design allows for Avid Tech to have easy access to who is viewing their sites, for how long, and where they can improve. DCDS took many elements of their old site while re-branding and creating a new logo for the company. Our team of graphic designers built material for their new site to encompass the professional look Avid Tech was going for.


From site launch, we assisted in training employees on how to utilize the WordPress software. This way, AvidTec has complete control over their site. Best SEO practices, content migration and development were some of the tips we left AvidTec to help grow.


The finished product was a beautifully designed site that included all the desired deliverables. We loved having AvidTec as a client, and hope to work with similar companies moving forward.

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