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by Jul 2, 2020Marketing

Since its creation, companies have been flocking to Canva, marketing themselves with its high quality graphic design and animation tools. It has quickly become one of the most popular ways for businesses to propel their branding in the online marketplace.

Its user-friendly layout allows for anyone to quickly create awesome designs and share them across the web in very little time.

On top of digital assets, Canva also provides users with the tools necessary to excel their in-person marketing. While a lot of platforms offer similar features, we are especially keen on Canva. We explain why below.

What Is Canva?

On the surface, Canva is a platform developed to give users the ability to design graphics for their business. They provide various templates to be used across social media platforms, as well as brochures, flyers, business cards, banners and many other marketing tools.

Additionally, there are pre-designed templates for each category. These are extremely helpful if you know what you want to make, but don’t know where to start.

How Does Canva Stand Apart?

Unlike many other editing platforms, users don’t need any graphic design experience to create something great. Canva has a user-friendly layout that makes creating graphics painless.

Aside from being simple to use, Canva Pro has many additional features that assist users with their marketing needs.

The Ease of Customization

With Canva, users have the ability to upload their own images and assets to their account. This means that your branding will be right at your fingertips whenever you need it.

DC Dev Shop Brand Kit

Along with uploading brand images, users with Canva Pro have the power to set up their unique Brand Kit. Some of the features of this brand kit functionality include:

Unlimited Folders

Tired of being limited by the amount of designs you can create?

With Canva Pro, users have the ability to create unlimited folders for their visual content. These folders are a great way to organize all of your designs by social platform, template, client, or any other method you find necessary.

These folders can then be shared with other teammates or clients. Clean and easy sharing is clearly a pillar supporting Canva’s operations.

Photo Access

With their Canva Pro account, users have access to over 60 million free photos, stock images, videos and graphics. These free images are great for anyone that is creating marketing material and may not have their own content to use.

Further, stock imagery is always a great building block for derivative work. 

Various Ways to Export

After creating your masterpiece, there are multiple options for how to export your graphic.

Canva allows users to export images as a high-quality image, small file size image, PDF standard, PDF print, video or gif. Users are also given the option to share a link to their work via email or upload the graphic directly to various platforms:

Supported Social Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

Supported Sharing Platforms:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • MailChimp

Aside from uploading the content to digital platforms, Canva gives users the option to print stickers, rack cards, trifolds, postcards, letterheads, cards, certificates, flyers, posters, business cards, t-shirts or tags.

Designs for Any Size

One of the most helpful features Canva offers is the ability to create or resize graphics to fit any social platform or paper size. When creating a new design, users have the option to pick what size they want their design to be or input custom dimensions.

Depending on what your graphic will be used for, Canva has preloaded dimensions that make creating designs much easier. When creating for Facebook, for example, Canva will provide you with the dimensions to create a post, story, cover photo or advertisement.

Let’s Talk Teamwork

A great feature for Canva Pro users is the ability to add team members to one account. Not only can other teammates have child accounts, users have the ability to access files and share designs across their entire team.

Each team member has access to your company’s branding, as well as any templates created. Copies can be made of templates designed by teammates, then collaboration and innovation take over from there.

Canva For Work

Are you looking for ideas on how to propel your design and marketing strategies? The Canva team has you covered! Their various experts provide blogs that are extremely helpful for any user looking to improve their design, marketing, branding or photography skills.


You no longer need professional designers to make all of your content! In the design section of their blog, Canva experts talk about all things design. They provide readers with tips on the best way to create amazing graphics, as well as inspiration for using their platform.

Various articles provide tutorials for specific templates, as well as how to get the most out of Canva’s design tool. Not a graphic designer? Don’t worry, all of their articles are clear enough for readers with varying experience levels to fully understand.


Articles included in this section focus on businesses specifically and how to best utilize marketing and various strategies. The writing team behind it shares their best marketing advice from great ideas for their readers to peruse through, to assistance for finding different careers.


It is crucial to include branding on anything that you are sharing for your business. Canva understands, so they built their tools and drafted their content with this in mind.

Not sure where to start in regard to brand awareness? Here, Canva experts share their tips on everything branding and how to get your company noticed through graphic work. This information is tailored to both small and large businesses, as well as sole proprietorships and organizations.


In their fourth blog category, the experts at Canva help readers with all things photography. They explain to their readers the different ways to promote photography on social media and how to use it to their benefit.

Canva also has various subsections dedicated to the types of photos being taken, as well as stock photography.

Learn from the Best

The experts at Canva understand that people want to be able to learn from them. They also understand that learning design tips can be difficult.

In order to make sure their users are getting the most out of the platform, they have created different ways for people to learn from the best – the Canva experts themselves – outside of their blogs.

While there are many self help videos online, Canva offers their own set of tutorials, courses and events for users to engage in.


The Canva team has multiple options for tutorials. They offer various subjects for users to get familiar with when using the Canva software.

Their topics cover getting started with Canva, creating a virtual classroom, designing on Canva, Canva Pro, using your brand with Canva and presenting with Canva. Each tutorial has multiple sections that allow the user to learn about that specific topic.


Canva has taught thousands of students through its courses. Each course is broken down into video lessons that are administered by internal Canva team members.

Subject matter covers many of the same topics as their tutorials, but they give users a new way to learn. They touch on the different features in Canva, such as the Drag-and-Drop and Magic Resize tools.


Canva also offers a variety of events for users to attend. They are interactive and held in person, however, Canva is an Australian platform. Therefore, you will not be able to attend these events if you are outside of the country as they are only held in person.

It’s worth considering that a virtual component to these events isn’t too far off, given the changing atmosphere around large gatherings in 2020.

Design Community

Another awesome tool is the Canva Experts Design Community, which brings together Canva users from all over the world.

Through this offering, users are able to view the design samples of Canva Experts, view their Canva profile and visit their websites. Each featured expert has a brief profile and includes the option to contact the designer directly.

Additionally, users can see different types of designs through the various featured experts. It should be noted that these are not limited to social media graphics. Examples include invitations, diagrams, advertisements, and much more.

Incorporating Canva Into Your Marketing

Canva is a great tool to have access to. If you are not utilizing it in every way possible, you aren’t getting the most of it. That being said, with everything being so user-friendly, it’s hard to not want to take full advantage.

Not only does Canva give users a quick and easy way to make incredible graphics, their content provides marketing help in ways that aren’t always obvious (think of the photography courses).

Get Their Attention

The main goal of any marketing strategy is to get the attention of your target audience. Canva was created to do just that.

The main goal of any marketing strategy is to get the attention of your target audience. Click To Tweet

The various features offered to Canva users make it simple to create professional, eye catching designs. The templates they have preloaded for users make it easy to substitute content and share it across digital and physical platforms.

These tools do not stop at still frames, but also include functionality for creating GIFs or animated videos. Adding animation or moving parts to content in your marketing strategy is a great way to get your audience to pay attention to your message and look good while doing it.

Create A Brand

Haven’t figured out your brand yet? Don’t stress, Canva has you covered!

One incredible feature offered is a tool that helps users create a logo and define the different aspects of their brand. This tool allows users to pick and set their brand colors, font, graphics and images.

Once you define your brand identity, it is fundamental that you make sure to label your content with it. This will grow your online presence as your content is shared across various platforms. Canva understands that branding is all about uniformity and aesthetics.

Market Your Brand

It’s no mystery that incorporating your brand into your marketing strategy plays an important role in the success of your impact. Canva gives users all the tools necessary to include each aspect of your brand into every piece of content you share.

Keep in mind that brand marketing expands far past social media marketing. With Canva in your back pocket, feel confident in your ability to make a clean email header, flyers, business cards, presentations, reports or whatever else your marketing strategy requires.

Perfect Your Brand

The team at Canva understands that practice makes perfect. That being said, they want to make sure each and every single one of their users is able to make designs and graphics they love.

Maybe the branding you originally created isn’t as effective as you thought it would be, or maybe it’s been a while since you rebranded and want to shake things up. Either way, the experts at Canva understand and want to give you the tools to perfect your brand.

It is easy for team members to collaborate on revamping their brand. No matter how many times you decide to edit your designs, Canva is sure to have you covered.

Grow Your Business

Not only does Canva help your brand become more cohesive, but it can help you gain more clients. Don’t be afraid to share your newfound design knowledge with your audience! Helping your clients expand their reach will allow you to begin building a solid relationship you may have been lacking in the past.

Final Words

Canva’s popularity in recent years makes perfect sense when you consider the features they offer their users. Not only can users create incredible and eye-catching graphics, but there is minimal

(if any) experience required to make something great.

Canva makes marketing and promoting a brand something that is more manageable for those lacking the skill set or time. In doing so, they have successfully created an experience that users enjoy engaging with.

If you’re starting out with branding or looking for more information on revamping your company’s online identity, be sure to read “Resources to Use When Creating A Website Style Guide” and “Proven Methods to Boost Creativity”! 

If you enjoyed this article, have any feedback, or simply want to continue the conversation about design tools, reach out to us on Twitter at @dcdevshop. Don’t forget to follow us for blog and resource updates!

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