Best WordPress Plugins 2017

by Sep 11, 2017Development

There’s little debate at this point about who the best content management system (CMS) is. WordPress stands head and shoulders above the competition, in part because there is such an incredible marketplace of both free and paid plugins that can allow two designers to use the same basic theme and yet create two thoroughly different websites.

What’s Hot In 2017?

Each year brings new additions to the already impressive library of plugins out there, so let’s dive in and take a look at some of the best 2017 plugins, whether old and still as good as ever or brand new.

The Jetpack Plugin

Many bloggers absolutely love this new plugin. From the well-known development company Automattic (who also owns WordPress itself) this free plugin offers control over of a wide variety of important website aspects. Jetpack allows you to take care of security, performance, optimizing images for aesthetic & SEO purposes, automatic content sharing and more.

If you like a lot of control in one place, you’ll fall in love with what Jetpack has to offer.

Wordfence Security Plugin

There are many great security plugins to choose from, but it is hard to compete with what Wordfence brings to the table. Even a brief look at Wordfence shows why it is one of the more popular plugins out there right now.

Wordfence has many features including:

  • Malware scans
  • Firewall protection
  • Enhanced Long-in Security
  • Live real-time monitoring
  • Automatic blocking of repeat attackers/offenders
  • Two-factor authentication

This is a plugin that is very powerful while also remaining efficient with resource use. That’s a great combination, and this is a rare plugin that takes on many security threats at once.

The Broken Link Checker

If your SEO has been on point then you have plenty of outbound links and YouTube (or other video) URLs and embeds on your website. The bigger your website or blog gets, the harder it will be to keep track of broken links.

This plugin does the hard work for you, quickly identifying the links and the posts they’re in so you’re not hit with SEO penalties for having too many broken links, and so you can quickly find them and replace them with something better.


This might be one of those classic plugins that remain on all best of lists until the end of time. The amount of automated comment spam and robot spam out there is insane. Many sites don’t have comments open at all but if you want readers to be able to comment or even depend on interaction, this is an absolute must-have.

On a related note, if you want to disable comments throughout your site, but don’t have a theme that easily allows that, take a look at the free Disable Comments plugin, which allows you to shut down all comments or even narrow it to shut down comments only on certain types of posts or pages.

Custom to Your Needs

You don’t want to drown your hosting with a site that has 30 plugins or something insane like that, but this short list goes to show some of the most popular plugins, and many of them handle a variety of needs for efficient use. Choose the combination of WordPress plugins that allow you to custom your website to your specific needs.

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