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by Oct 30, 2017Development

WordPress is not only one of the best possible options for building a website, but it is one of the most popular for good reason. Well developed for SEO out of the box, easy to use, and with an infinite number of customization options, it’s easy to see why they’re on top. That being said, that also means there is an increased danger of hackers and other security issues. You don’t want some malicious cyber-criminal or bored hacker taking down months or even years of hard work. Make sure to protect your site by using one of the following top-rated security plugins our WordPress development team recommends.

Wordfence Security

There’s a reason that Wordfence frequently comes up as the number one choice of many site owners. This is an outstanding plugin that focuses heavily on providing security against a wide array of different threats, both common and uncommon. Built-in features include outstanding Firewall protection, an active malware scan, varied blocking abilities, solid login security, live traffic monitoring, and more.

Traffic monitoring lets you see when people are doing suspicious things on site, as well as when robots and automated programs appear to be probing your site. The advanced blocking feature is the cherry on the cake as this blocks all identified and known attackers, suspicious IP addresses, known malicious networks, and even blocks known backdoors to further your site security. A top-notch option.

iThemes Security

Formerly known as Better WP Security, this plugin is another one that gets a lot of love from smart online security specialists. A two-factor authentication system helps prevent automated hacking attacks and iThemes has several standard features that help prevent the all too common (and often all too effective) brute force attacks. As with most of these WordPress security plugins there is a free version and a premium version with even more features, but even the free version offers an outstanding number of tools for preventing security problems.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is an outstanding WP plugin that gets major bonus points for analyzing all changes within a website to look for new weaknesses or questionable activity to catch it early and get ahead of any threats. A self-scanning program even compares the state of security as it is versus the ideal state of security and works to get your site properly protected. In addition to this, Sucucri checks “blacklists” of anti-virus or search programs like Bitdefender, Google Safe Browsing, and Norton. If your website appears on them, it starts the ball rolling to keep your website secure and get them off those “not safe” lists.

Bulletproof Security

The biggest issue that comes with Bulletproof’s plugin is that it is definitely designed assuming you are somewhat tech-savvy and have the ability to adapt quickly. Loaded with functions that can be optimized against certain types of attacks, this is a WP plugin that delivers big time but might take some guidance and tutorials to get you there. In addition to offering all the security you would hope for, this plugin also creates an automatic log out during extended idle sessions and will regularly backup the database so if somehow something does occur, there will be a clean backup database to bring the site back up with minimal interruption.

Secure Your Website

Building up your website, getting the perfect design, creating content, and perfecting your online marketing and SEO plans are just part of the process. If you want to properly protect all of that hard work then you need to make sure your website is properly secured with one of these outstanding plugins for site security.



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